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What is Closed-loop feedback and how CMI approaches it: 

Closed-loop feedback” (“CLF”) is a best practice in customer experience management involving individual follow-up contact with customers who have provided feedback, typically through a voluntary survey or review process. Inherent to the practice is personalized communication that is responsive to the customer’s individual feedback; automated, templated messages are not really “closing the loop.” 

CLF should be operationalized as a systematic, repeatable process so that it is both efficient and effective in producing positive customer outcomes. This usually means some kind of software system that can manage two fundamental tasks: 

  1. Automated identification of feedback that meets the company’s threshold for CLF. This is most often based on one or more poor/low quantitative ratings, or it could be based on negative “trigger” words in open-end comments. Some organizations at advanced levels of CX maturity also flag very positive feedback, for a different kind of personalized follow-up. 
  1. Case management. This is a collection of tasks for organizing and tracking each event flagged for CLF. Case management makes sure the event gets routed to the responsible person or team, that action steps are moving in a timely way toward resolution, notes and information generated during the resolution workflow are stored and sharable in one place, and that cases are escalated quickly when necessary. It may even support setting and monitoring performance against targets, e.g., the percent of cases resolved in one business day. 

Because clients have different needs, CMI offers two levels of CLF capability: 

  1. Standard. Our “out of the box” solution covers all the basics required to implement CLF as described above.  Read more.

  2. Enhanced with Salesforce Service Cloud Case Management Integration. Salesforce offers a best-in-class case management capability that is especially suitable for large, diverse enterprises with dedicated service teams. We provide a client-tailored integration between the CX survey process and Service Cloud to unlock all its value-adding features for CLF. Read more here.  Read More.