Qualitative Research Connect with your Customer

Our qualitative approaches bring your customer to life with storytelling and imagery by colorizing audience segments to represent a highly defined customer. We help create a common language that allows you to communicate the critical differences in the decision pathways across your customers.

Using various methodologies, we uncover the pain points and moments of truth in the journey to move customers steadily towards a stronger commitment to your brand. Our qualitative approaches give you a fresh perspective on what it’s really like to be a customer.

As a leader in immersive and ethnographic approaches that inform strategies for influencing behavioral changes, CMI takes pride in their 20+ years of qualitative experience in traditional as well as digital mediums both domestic and abroad.

Services & Methodologies

  • IDIs, Dyads & Triads
  • Diaries
  • Focus Groups
  • IDIs
  • Journey Mapping
  • Niche Audiences
  • Online Communities
  • Personas

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Infographic: Heuristics

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Infographic: Customer Experience Index

How to develop and understand your Customer Experience Index.  

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