Influencing Perceptions & Habits A New Era Of Human Insight

What drives a customer to choose your product or service over another? What are their triggers and touchpoints and how can you influence them? The key to dominating brand share hinges on understanding and managing the behavioral habits and perceptions that drive choices.

All humans are subject to cognitive shortcuts (habits) and bias. Using behavioral science-based methodologies we take a deep dive into your customers’ mindset during pivotal moments in their decision-making process. We equip your brand teams with the human insight needed to inform strategy that disrupts or reinforces your customer’s habitual loops. Through a mindful understanding of what drives behavior for your customers, CMI engineers behavioral models to deliver predictable revenue and profit improvement for your business allowing you to win in your markets.


  • Brand Tracking
  • Consumer/Intermediary Dyads
  • Decision Pathway
  • Discovery
  • Market Landscape
  • Positioning Development
  • Message Development
  • Niche Audiences
  • Segmentation
  • yPrescribe

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