Methodology ReviewMarketing Mix Modeling

Measuring what is working and not working, and then building out that model, is essential when designing a strategy to maximize results from limited marketing budgets.  Market Mix Models are designed to measure the classic 4 Ps of marketing ( Product, Price, Promotion, and Place) to both control for and measure the impact of macro and micro dynamics influencing sales.


Outcomes of Market Mix Models

  • Impact of competitors’ marketing activities & pricing
  • Data driven marketing budget planning to modeled business outcomes
  • Media, sponsorships, & marketing tactics investment allocation recommendations
  • Advanced scenario planning, both proactive and ‘in the moment’
  • Measured contribution of on and offline media tactics
  • Impact of channels and message effectiveness
  • Market share gains generated by marketing and media activities
  • ROI trade offs of marketing activities
  • Incremental cost for various heavy up options to achieve quarterly sales goals