Purchase Pathway Attract & Engage Customers Sooner Than Your Competitors

Mapping the path to purchase is a proven strategy to anticipate and influence a customer’s purchase behavior and impact their decision to choose your brand.  Predicting the various steps and choices a customer makes leading up the purchase so that we can interact with them along the pathway is how we do it. 

The worst thing a brand can do is introduce themselves to a customer in the final stages of their purchase decision.  Customers have unique concerns and conversations along the purchase path, and it is our job to identify the “tipping points” along the pathway for both new brands and brands that must defend themselves in disruptive markets.  To influence purchase decisions in the future, we must know why they make these decisions, and where we can have the strongest impact in guiding their decision to choose your brand.


  • ACTUs (c=consideration)
  • Audience Immersion
  • Brand Choice
  • Brand Tracking
  • Channel/Store Choice
  • Decision Pathway
  • Niche Audiences
  • Purchase Process
  • Usage

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