Messaging & Positioning Be Loud. Be Clear.

Craft impactful messaging that moves consumers further down the decision pathway and persuades consumers to commit to your brand. Deploy the most unique and resonant brand voice, delivering the most effective content while focusing on context and perspective to drive audience engagement.

At CMI, we collaborate with your brand team to develop and/or refine the messages and conversations necessary to differentiate in the marketplace. We guide the development of marketing creative based on ‘reasons to believe’ and addressing key obstacles that could inhibit brand commitment.

Communication matters. The right information, shared in the right way, with the right audience, can unleash your brand’s potential and set it apart from the competition.


  • ACTUs (c=consideration)
  • Audience Immersion
  • Brand Choice
  • Brand Tracking
  • Decision Pathway
  • Influencer/KOL
  • Message Testing
  • Niche Audiences
  • Online Communities
  • Reasons to Believe
  • Segmentation

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Case Study: HCP Prescribing Behavior

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