Dynamic Assessment Tool


A fortune 500 pharmaceutical company needed to segment physician drug knowledge of their recently launched brand and provide real-time education to physicians targeted at the knowledge gaps.


CMI developed a self-administered assessment with clickable links for starting/resuming the assessment (taking into account physician time constraints).

    • Assessment instantly provides clear and insightful analysis of the state of the physician’s knowledge (real-time analysis and reporting).
    • Assessment would instantly provide educational snapshots for the physician regarding drug profile where knowledge gaps exist.

CMI designed internal reporting capabilities to track and assess individual physician and entire hospital group on progress/use of the tool.


  • Instant reporting output that includes the assessment calculations, customized visuals and explanations that help the scores make sense, and target / goal indicators highlighting the areas that need the most attention.
  • Individual- and team-level reporting that allows pharma company to analyze the initial assessments and create a ready-to-present report output for review.
  • Pushed the limits of real-time reporting by creating multiple workflows from a single point of contact / input.  Instantly providing detailed and useful information to the physician as well as creating a wealth of information for use by internal teams in order to provide the most targeted and effective guidance to the physician.