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CX Measurement ArchitectureCase Study: Redesigning CX Measurement Architecture


  • This healthcare client was conducting a large-scale CSAT tracking program that was not meeting their needs both in terms of cost-effectiveness and the ability to drive improvement. CMI was first asked to transition this program from another supplier. It relied heavily on high-cost telephone interviewing and was experiencing declining productivity.


  • We initiated a survey invitation and response analysis to understand the characteristics of customers responding through different modes, and their patterns. We recommended parallel testing new modalities and subsequently migrated the survey online with a mix of email and SMS invitations. The result was substantially decreased cost and dramatically improved efficiency.
  • Next, we proposed that the program’s ability to clearly drive action could be systematically improved through a purpose-driven redesign of their customer experience (CX) measurement architecture to orient on customer journeys. We completed a full redesign of both the quarterly “relationship” tracker and their suite of transactional surveys, building an interconnected system.


  • Through this process, CMI helped the client socialize the new approach with the C-Suite, supporting the business case for the fundamental change. The new CX measurement system is now aligned with – and a key enabler of – the company’s strategy to deliver a differentiated brand experience through a customer-focused, personalized service model.
  • We completed the redesign of their entire suite of transactional surveys as well as the quarterly tracking survey based on the new journey architecture.
  • We are now implementing pilot test surveys in parallel with the existing measurement system, to run through Q2 2024.