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CX TRACKINGCase Study: Designing Agile & Continuous Tracking Studies


• This health care client was conducting a large-scale syndicated tracking program that was not meeting their needs. They found the results unhelpful and confusing, and they engaged CMI to help them understand the results and how they should present them.


  • We developed a tracker program for this client from the ground-up, based on their needs and how they intended to use the information.
  • Unlike the syndicated study, the tracker we developed is flexible to allow for frequent changes in the marketplace.
  • Changes can be made to the survey (and report) monthly if needed, to keep up with changes in the competitive landscape.
  • We created an ‘ad hoc’ section of the survey where a small number of questions could be temporarily added to address urgent or time-sensitive information needs of the various stakeholders.


  • The reporting is automated to provide timely, actionable information.
  • We are keeping the survey relevant and fresh by testing it annually through qualitative IDIs. Respondents give feedback about proposed survey changes, comment on the user-friendliness of the survey, and give us insight into potentially confusing, irrelevant, or even missing questions.