Working predominantly with C-level executives, A Major HR Consulting Firm had a very short window of attention in order to:

  • Introduce their service.
  • Provide some proof of concept while instilling confidence that NAVIX Consultants know what they’re doing and can deliver valuable consulting services.
  • Provide targeted, customized ‘ah-ha’ worthy assessments to executives with information they haven’t seen before.
  • Get the conversation started around aligning the entire executive team on the vision going forward.
  • Inform the consulting roadmap and recommendations provided to the client team.


With significant limits to the time, effort, and attention that consultants can ask for in order to accomplish all of this, the solution needs to be a single, easy-to-use touchpoint/tool that serves multiple purposes.

  • Single point of contact:
    • A self-administered assessment that the consultant provides access to.
  • Easy-to-use:
    • Provide clickable links for starting/resuming the assessment (reducing typing errors)
    • Provide a clickable link for accessing the prospect’s real-time report (viewable as a webpage and the ability to download a pdf document version).
  • Targeted, customized results:
    • Assessment instantly provides clear and insightful analysis of the state of the prospect’s business (real-time analysis and reporting).
  • Inform consulting roadmap/recommendations and get the conversation started:
    • Serve as an introduction to the company and its strengths (providing explanations and insights throughout the assessment process).
    • Provides enough detailed information to the consultant about the state of the prospect’s business to inform a consulting plan/offering.
    • Serves as a re-assessment tool to gauge the effectiveness of the actions taken since the initial assessment.
    • Internal reporting capabilities to track and assess individual client, consultant, team, or entire company progress/use of the tool.


Created a single program that incorporates multiple elements:

  • Real-time calculations during the assessment process.
  • Instant reporting output that includes the assessment calculations, customized visuals and explanations that help the scores make sense, and target / goal indicators highlighting the areas that need the most attention.
  • Individual- and team-level reporting that allows each consultant to analyze the initial assessments and create a ready-to-present report output for reviewing with the client.
  • Supervisor or Admin views that allow for tracking consultant progress, assisting in consulting recommendations, evaluating the effectiveness of actions taken with client companies, and ad-hoc reporting to better-understand results across clients and tweak the assessment tool.
  • This pushes the limits of real-time reporting by creating multiple workflows from a single point of contact / input.  Instantly providing detailed and useful information to the participant as well as creating a wealth of information for use by internal teams in order to provide the most targeted and effective guidance to the participant.