Brian S. Lunde

SVP, Client Engagement 

‘The soul of CMI is partnering with clients to solve their most important market and customer challenges.”

Brian is a market research and insights veteran with more than 30 years of experience. A seasoned research consultant, he is passionate about tapping into research and analytics to help clients to create, sustain and grow profitable customer relationships.  He entered the field in the early days of customer satisfaction measurement as a distinct research discipline and has been deeply engaged in this work ever since. Over the years, he has built upon his core competency in customer experience insights and refined his skills in a broad array of research methodologies, including choice modeling and segmentation. Brian’s industry expertise includes professional services, manufacturing and public utilities, with a special focus on financial services.

Before joining CMI in 2013, Brian led customer loyalty teams at several major market research companies. He has been published in the American Marketing Association’s former Marketing Management Journal and is an active member of the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA). 

Brian holds an MBA in Management from the University of California – Berkeley and a BBA in Information Systems from the University of Wisconsin in Madison.