Andrea Burns

Director, Client Solutions

“The purpose of a report is not simply to show data, but also to communicate why particular pieces of data are important, illustrate how the data should influence a decision that is being made, and ensure that the conclusions are both easy-to-understand and helpful to the client in making decisions.”

Armed with 20+ years of marketing research experience, Andrea delves into all aspects of a study – from design and prep-work to data collection, data analysis and reporting. Andrea’s expertise spans several areas including brand health, choice/processes, and new product/repositioning research. With experience in domestic and international business sectors, Andrea employs a variety of methodologies to help stakeholders better understand their customers and identify unmet needs.

Prior to joining CMI, Andrea held positions with Flake-Wilkerson Market Insights, MMR Research Associates, and Dell SecureWorks. She attended UGA where she earned a Master’s degree in Market Research (MMR).

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