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Join us as Brian Lunde, SVP of CMI, joins forces with Jennifer Neidigh, Senior Strategist of CX at Capital Blue Cross to talk about:

Transforming CX Measurement: The Journey Toward Journeys

Over the past several years there has been a fundamental shift in CX strategy and practice toward customer journeys—the end-to-end experience of the customer in seeking to accomplish a goal or meet a need when interacting with a provider. However, many corporate research tracking programs that focus on customer experience are not built around journeys. These legacy systems most often consist of some mix of periodic high-level “relationship” surveys and more continuous “transactional” surveys about specific interactions (call center post-interaction surveys, website intercepts, etc.). The fact that many of these surveys are also producing metrics that are embedded in compensation systems makes them even more difficult to change.

In 2023, Capital Blue Cross made a strategic decision to overhaul its legacy CX tracking program to become customer journey-centric. Join us as we explore the dynamics of how to make this transition in the context of the critical challenges: building stakeholder support, redesigning multiple surveys around customer journeys without disrupting the operational flow of customer feedback to internal business users, and dealing with compensation-linked CX metrics goals. We will provide both lessons learned, and practical advice based on our experience “at the front lines” both designing and driving the implementation of this transition.