September 9, 2021

Today, CMI, a recognized leader in consumer and B2B market research, excitedly announces the launch of its refreshed brand identity, complete with an updated logo, color palette, typography, templates, website and more. The new look, which has been underway for the last several months, ushers the company into modern times, and even more importantly emphasizes CMI’s mission to always deliver crisp, clean, executive-ready work.

‘We whole heartedly believe that who we are and how we work is differentiated, and so it was time that our outward appearance reflects that.’ stated Emily Hagen, SVP of Advertising & Marketing. ‘This brand refresh solidifies our commitment to listening to what our clients need and then actually delivering on those goals. We hear time and time again from new clients that “time”, no pun intended, is what is most valuable to them. So, by ensuring that our proposals, reports, infographics, dashboards, whatever it is, are concise, digestible, and visually appealing, we save clients from having to redo, revise or ready work that should have arrived in their inbox ready-to-go, added Hagen.’

About CMI: CMI is a market research company based in Atlanta, GA. For more than 30 years, CMI has put data to work and inspired strategy for top Fortune 500 companies. In addition to designing and executing custom qualitative and quantitative research, they have deep expertise and capabilities in the world of advanced analytics, including predictive modeling.