Laura Caraway

SVP, Client Solutions

‘We know how to take data and weave it into a story that is relevant to every stakeholder.’

Laura oversees operations at CMI, ensuring that that each project is conducted to the highest standards. Armed with 20+ years of marketing research experience, Laura has a gift for transforming complex results into meaningful stories. She employs a variety of methodologies to help stakeholders better understand their customers and identify unmet needs, improve products and services, optimize messaging and enhance the customer experience. Laura specializes in a wide range of service industries, including financial services, food service, hotel and travel, telecommunications, healthcare and utilities. She is committed to quality, efficiency and consistency in everything she does—from the projects she designs and executes to her role as CMI’s operations leader.  Laura also serves on CMI’s Steering Committee, playing an integral role in determining the direction of the company.

Before joining CMI, Laura held several market research positions at prominent organizations, including a global pharmaceutical company.  She holds an MBA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a BS in Marketing from Boston College.