Emily Hagen

SVP, Advertising & Marketing

‘It is not secret that data is key to telling an impactful story. What sets CMI apart is that we understand how to use these points to create meaningful stories for our clients that resonate and persuade.’

Emily (Toomey) Hagen is a dynamic professional with over a decade of experience in marketing research and advertising insights. Currently serving as the Senior Vice President of Marketing & Advertising Insights at CMI, based in Atlanta, Georgia, Emily brings a wealth of expertise in transforming data into actionable business strategies. With a background spanning leadership roles at AT&T and Kantar, Emily has honed her skills in quantitative research, project management, and client relationship management. Her ability to dissect complex business issues and provide innovative solutions has earned her recognition, including prestigious awards like the TNS Beliefs Representative and the Southeast Region Employee Award. Emily’s dedication to excellence, coupled with her passion for storytelling through data, makes her a valuable asset in any business environment. Beyond her professional pursuits, Emily is an avid learner and a thought leader, constantly seeking new ideas and perspectives to drive growth and success.

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