Niche Audiences
Data Driven Strategies – Quality Samples

Need insights from a niche audience for your go-to-market strategy?  We’ve got you.  With CMI, you’ll learn that we employ a number of measures to deliver a representative audience from a wide, diverse number of sources, quickly and accurately.  

NO restrictions to a single panel or marketplace:  this unbiased approach to market research sample allows us to leverage our connections with hundreds of panel suppliers around the world.  This means greater reach, and a more representative sample. 

NO mid-stream scrambling: we scale the project needs to ensure that we reach the right research participants from the beginning.  Leave the struggles of poorly projected quotas or CPIs that don’t deliver.

30+ years of experience in marketing research: our team’s deep experience shepherds your research project from the beginning, starting with the right participants.  Upfront thinking and strategy prior to diving into your project as well as learning and action at the end. 

Focus on data quality: we improve sample quality through rigorous, validated methodologies, including advanced bot detection techniques to create a clean research ecosystem.

We advise you on the best approach to reach your target audience: be it through panels, or programmatic sampling, or using a combination of both. Based on our extensive experience, we validate the feasibility of your project.

Using very precise sampling criteria and based on our longstanding expertise in marketing research, we can reach out to even the most specific target audience.  Align your product and services with your niche audiences and become their go-to-brand.  Here’s an example of niche audiences we can reach in the Financial Services Industry: