At CMI, we believe research empowers our clients to thrive.  We have been in business for over 30 years and are constantly pushing the boundaries for innovation and storytelling.   As a full service marketing research company, we specialize in quantitative, qualitative, big data, and secondary research.  We administer over 12 million surveys annually across dozens of industries. Our research and insights are grounded in rigorous methodology, visual reporting, and customized to each project’s needs.

Our research focus areas are within 1) brand, media, and advertising, 2) CX, churn and loyalty, 3.) sophisticated advanced analytics, 4.) complex consumer decision making, and 5.) immersive qualitative.

We are a culture of true collaboration, constantly cross-pollinating our discoveries across the various industries we serve.  We always bring the right subject-matter expertise to the table. Your bench strength is broad and deep when you collaborate with us, supporting all of your company demands. Working with CMI gives you access to the combined wisdom of our senior employees as well as the knowledge of your project team. The bookends, in our opinion, represent one distinction between “good” projects and “great” ones. A good project may be made great with some upfront planning and strategy, as well as learning and action at the end.

Closed Loop Feedback

Closed-Loop Feedback Measurement At-A-Glance: Features and Capabilities


Dashboard Solutions

Uniquely designed to meet the needs of the program both now and into the future


Experience Mapping

Evaluating the New Investor Onboarding Experience


Marketing Mix Models

Designed to measure the classic 4 Ps of marketing ( Price, Promotion, and Place).


Money Matters Infographics

Understanding America’s financial health.


Program Integrations

User Awareness of System Changes


Strategic Partner Framework

At CMI, we believe in research that empowers clients to thrive


Survey Programming Capabilities

Examples of CMI’s survey programming capabilities


Women Investors

Women approach the investment market differently than men


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