Market Landscape Craft Focused Strategies to Realize Market-Changing Ideas

There are over 5000 brands in the world each faced with different strategic issues taking priority at different stages of their growth journey. CMI’s action-oriented approaches to maximizing your market share marry a variety of methodologies providing a strategic roadmap customized to the unique needs of your brand with the greatest potential for disruption.

From our award-winning tracking studies to our Bespoke Products designed to focus on decision pathways and segmentations, we apply creative and agile solutions to successfully navigate the ever-evolving market landscape. We connect all the pieces needed create your market strategy while identifying growth paths for your brand and ensuring sustainable business impact.


  • Awareness Trial Usage (ATU)
  • Audience Immersion
  • Brand Tracking
  • Decision Pathway
  • Niche Audiences
  • Segmentation
  • State-of-the-Market